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Said of a person: noble, brave and generous. Said of an animal or a thing: it gives satisfaction because of its efficiency. Mixed-race that, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, lived in Argentina, Uruguay and Rio Grande del Sur, in Brazil; he was a nomadic rider and good at ranching. Field man, who was experienced in traditional ranching.


Los Gauchos: Pruden, Mary, Alicia y Robrto

Gaucho Bar...

The same, but applied to very specific people.

It couldn´t be clearer, Alicia and Pruden, sisters, married to Roberto and Mary. And the union couldn´t give better results, because from the Gaucho Bar in Pamplona they delight us with the most generous, modern with traditional base, and sometimes, daring selection of pinchos, of tapas.

Gaucho is already history, synonymous of quality and own name in 'miniature haute-cuisine', and from the heart of the capital of Navarra is dedicated, with extreme care to elaborate it. Alicia and Mary, from the kitchen and Pruden and Roberto, from the bar, claim that at catering business is as important well cooking as a good service for customers in the lounge,...

Actually, at bar, they are waiting for you.

But, I won´t reveal all the secrets of this old house: I let two tasks for you: on the one hand, to discover and delight yourselves with the most important collection of tapas ever possible, and on the other hand, a piece of gossip, to guess who's married to whom.

Xabier Gutiérrez.

Prelude of the book "Pintxos, pequeño bocado, gran placer"

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